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About Intouch gives consumers one central place to lock and unlock businesses from viewing their contact details while ensuring higher data quality rates for retailers, financial institutes and utility providers.


For Businesses

We provide businesses with novel tools to rapidly turn visitors into registered users, eliminate customer information decay and capture related insights. Users on the other hand are given web and mobile apps that act as their single- point-of-contact. Let them search and connect to their favorite companies and share their information.


For Users

Our user-centric approach to personal data sharing helps businesses reduce data management and collection cost, improve Customer Experience (CX) and bring trust. Users in return can expect an easy to use mobile app to manage businesses (Android and iOS).

why Intouch

Why Intouch?

By putting users in control we fundamentally change the way information flows between users and businesses. This new way of data sharing brings huge benefits for users:

  • Insights on which companies are holding what contact data

  • What companies use their data for

  • Fast on-boarding

  • Easy detail updates.



Our service also benefits businesses greatly:

  • Hassle-free and minimum IT, customer onboarding Experience

  • Fresh, never decaying and high quality user contact data

  • Faster customer on-boarding 

  • Potentially become GDPR compliant.

We leverage AI, Analytics and Data Modelling to unlock unique opportunities, such as enriching consumer profiles with open data to empower businesses in providing amazing customer experiences.

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Personal information change by the numbers

According to the Sales & Marketing Institute and D&B data, up to 96% of email addresses and contact data within customer files are at least partially inaccurate. 

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