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Intelligent AI-driven in-store customer personalisation with over 100M pre-indexed products to date (product classification engine Avocado™)

Each shopper is unique and their needs change as dynamically as their lives. Shoppers are continuously influenced by ever-changing external factors. From the weather outside, social events nearby or their peers’ opinions.

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Why Intouch?
Blog: The Necessity Of AI In An Augmented Age
Trusted by leading retailers and brands
Trusted by leading retailers and brands

Why is relevancy a problem?

For the average retailer the annual cost of printed promotions and pre-planned digital signage reaches into the millions. These channels pre-determine content regardless of their context.


Of consumers prefer to buy products from retailers that personalise their offering.

Source: Accenture

Of in-store promotion spend never reaches its target audience.

Source: Bain & Company
Why should I care?

Why should I care?

Build and deploy an in-store nervous system to automatically understand and respond to hyper-local individual contexts:

Increase in-store sales with eCommerce like personalisation
Save millions on printing costs
Unlock new advertising revenue

How do I solve it?

Learn how AI and data help to achieve four different levels of smart shopper personalisation.


React to changes happening around your store locations



Tailor in-store messaging for specific audiences


Craft unique personal messaging for individuals


Drive basket value with state-of-the-art technology



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Why Intouch?

Leaders in retail product classification - Solutions built specifically for physical retail using a digital-first data-driven mindset associated with online eCommerce giants.

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