The AI-driven promotions platform for retailers who want to

drive sales

build better CX

seize the opportunity

Engage, in-store, in-moment.

Use IoT to anticipate customer desires and effectively create personalised, seamless experiences that drive sales and customer loyalty. Gain valuable product and brand based insights.

Empower staff with data

Harness data from in-store devices like beacons, video cameras, smart shelves and more to inform staff of how to best engage with your customers.

Improve operational efficiency

Real-time data throughout the store enables your organisation with service metrics to allocate staff effectively, as well as assess the effectiveness of store layouts and product presentations.


AI Promotions Platform

Turn insights into real-time action by building retail applications on our AI promotions platform. Our platform enables retailers to engage with their customers in-store and influence shoppers’ buying decisions through personalized experiences that increase sales and drive loyalty.

We use facial and image recognition as well as artificial intelligence and machine learning to bring consumer identity to the center of the connected store.

"Trained in the cloud, deployed on the edge."


Collect every piece of valuable data about your store, products and customers.


Extract deep insights through advanced machine learning and AI technologies.


Drive meaningful engagement where it matters most... in-store, in-moment.


Replicate online strategies in the physical offline world

people prefer to purchase in the offline world
of retail purchase decisions happen in-store

Employ the power of edge and fog computing to capture data and act on it in real-time.

What our customers are saying

Evelyn Moynihan
Head of Marketing Customer Loyalty, SuperValu

Intouch overachieved on all three assigned KPIs by increasing contactability, increasing loyalty recruitment and by delivering strong labour efficiency. Thanks to Intouch there was a saving of 19 hours / store / month on manual data entry for our largest store. The service intouch provide is now a key part of our Real Rewards strategy.


We are on a mission

to build products that help retailers serve customers better.

Sameh Abdalla CEO
Tim Arits CCO
Doychin Doychev CTO
Alan Coleman Board Member
Karim Beshara Board Member
Vincent Nolan Innovation Advisor
Helen Wilde Sales & Strategy
smart shelves


Using Facial Recognition To Drive Sales

The retail world is moving ever closer to the reality predicted in 2002’s sci-fi thriller Minority report. Steven Spielberg made many predictions about the technologies that would exist in his 2054 version of future society, and included in this array were targeted advertisements and retina scanners.

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smart shelves


How Smart Are Shelves?

The world is changing at a rapid speed, and with adaptations such as Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality coming into our lives, more practical developments can be forgotten about (although that doesn’t mean they aren’t just as revolutionary! ). Smart shelves, utilized in various industries are an example of this.

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